Date: 2nd May 2002

Jackson: I Used My Celebrity To Get Star Wars Role

Pulp Fiction (1994) star Samuel L Jackson used his fame to get his Jedi Master role in the new Star Wars flick.
The actor, who plays Mace Windu in the hotly-anticipated flick,
says he always made a point of hinting in interviews and
conversations that he wanted to work with acclaimed director George Lucas - and in the end it paid off
He says, "It was one of those things where I was able to use my
celebrity in a way so I could worm my way into it. People would
always ask me, 'Which director would you like to work with?' "

"I would always say, 'George Lucas!' I guess he heard that, so he created this role for me."
"I also wanted to do something that'll be seen as an important
contribution to cinema and the world of entertainment. I'm glad I'm a part of it."

Source: WENN