Date: 23rd May 2002

Branagh's film company snaps up film rights

Kenneth Branagh's film company, Renaissance, has snapped up the film rights to Arabella 'Does My Bum Look Big In This' Weir's new semi-autobiographical book Stupid Cupid. According to Weir, though, there is a clash as to who should play the lead lady. 'Renaissance wants Kate Winslet to do it, but when I wrote it, I had Sandra Bullock in mind as the only person who could really be this character,' she says. Given that Stupid Cupid is about marital strife, the bet is that Winslet won't accept, leaving Sandra Bullock - who may need to do a Rennee-style weight gain in order to cultivate the necessary derriere - for the part.

Source: Press Release



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