Date: 14th June 2002

John Cleese has landed a part in a big Hollywood movie

John Cleese, who used to be in Monty Python, has landed a part in a big Hollywood movie. He is to be the voice of Cameron Diaz's character in the sequel to Shrek (2001) (we're getting Shrek, Meet the Parents vibes here). It's a plum role as it will no doubt handsomely line Cleese's pockets and offers potential for another payday, should the film be a success (they always do these franchises in threes, don't they?). Cleese could do with a hit after his last two projects a US sitcom called Wednesday and a comedy project he had pitched both failed to take off. He is also keen to keep away from television. 'This is not the golden era of British television... It's terribly disappointing because it used to be the least bad television in the world.' He particularly condemned reality TV, adding: 'It's awful to watch when people are being humiliated. Call me old-fashioned, but we are getting back to the arena, aren't we?' Not very funny any more, are you John?

Source: Press Release