Date: 26th July 2002

Uma Thurman To Finish Acting

The talented actress and star of many successful films, Uma Thurman, may be saying farewell to the world of acting.

Having gained a good reputation from films such as Pulp Fiction (1994) and Batman & Robin (1997) Uma has achieved a great deal of success. But she admits that her priorities have changed and that she has lost her passion for acting and is now more focused on being a wife and mother to her two children, Maya, two, and Roan, six months. "I love to just hang out with my daughter and son and work in my garden. There may come a time when I'm really passionate about show business again. But at the moment, I'm happy at home."

Uma's next project is Quentin Tarantino's new film, Kill Bill (2003) and then she is free in terms of work commitment.

Source: Press Release



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