Date: 15th August 2002

Steve Bing Doesn't Want To See His Son

Elizabeth Hurley is in America promoting a film and was expecting the father of her child to want to see him whilst she is in the country.

After sharing a heated phone call it seems unlikely that producer, Stephen Bing and Hurley will be making a reunion, as a friend of the actress claims, "Liz has been in LA for almost a week promoting a movie and they still haven't come to an arrangement. They have spoken on the phone, but there is so much bitterness there that it's almost impossible for them to agree on anything. Neither of them know whether they will be able to work anything out now. It looks very unlikely. Steve and Liz have even been hanging around in the same places. I'm really surprised they haven't bumped into each other yet. That would be quite an embarrassment for both of them."

It took months of tests and convincing to make Bing face his responsibilities, and Elizabeth Hurley was hoping that he would be prepared to see his 4 month old child but at the moment it looks unlikely.

Hurley's latest film, in which she stars with Matthew Perry called Serving Sara (2002), is out in the US next week.

Source: Press Release



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