Date: 22nd August 2002

Liz Hurley 'struggled to shed weight' after giving birth

Elizabeth Hurley says it "killed" her to shed the pounds after giving birth to her son Damian.

Speaking at the US premiere of her latest film, Serving Sara, the 37-year-old star said she had kept a low profile at the height of her pregnancy and joked: "I never left the house."

Just four months after giving birth, the former Estee Lauder model dazzled onlookers in a figure-hugging white silk frock as she posed for photographers alongside co-star Matthew Perry.
On her efforts to regain her figure, Hurley said: "I have killed myself to try and shed the pounds - all 53 of them."

Addressing Perry, she said: "You never saw me big, did you? No-one saw me, I never left the house."
But Hurley admitted motherhood had changed her life, adding: "I'm very domesticated now - you would be astonished if you saw me.

I wish I'd discovered it earlier. I'd be so much more organised.

"I'm loving it. I put a pinny on as soon as I get home."

Source: Press Release