Date: 4th September 2002

Damon won't do Bourne Identity sequel 'just for the money'

Matt Damon says he'll only do a sequel to The Bourne Identity if the script's good enough.

Damon says he "doesn't want to milk the cash cow."

The film has been a huge hit in America and is released in the UK on Friday. It is based on Robert Ludlam's novel.

Damon said "I didn't sign up for another one, partly because I didn't know how I would enjoy this one.

Having said that, I did have a good time doing it and I would do another one, but it would have to be based on the script.

"I always used to hate that, when I'd see a sequel and it sucked, so I think the goal for the sequel will be to do it if we think we can make it better than the first one.

Then that'll be something we're all really excited about."

Source: Press Release