Date: 13th September 2002

Nolte Released On Bail After Drink-Drive Arrest

Soon to be appearing in Hulk, The (2003), movie star Nick Nolte has been released on $2,500 bail after being caught weaving into oncoming traffic in his black 1992 Mercedes-Benz on a Malibu highway.

"An officer making a traffic stop on Pacific Coast Highway heard tires squealing and saw the vehicle driven by Nolte approaching rapidly, weaving across all lanes and into opposing traffic," California Highway Patrol spokesman Leland Tang tells Reuters.

"The officer stopped the vehicle and found that Mr. Nolte at that point seemed completely out of it," Tang said. "He was drooling, droopy eyes. He ... looked very much like he was under the influence."

California State Patrol spokesman Capt. Dan Bower said, "The officer who pulled Mr. Nolte over asked him to perform a series of field sobriety tests and based on the results of those tests, as well as Mr. Nolte's demeanour and the observations of the officer, the officer formed the opinion that Mr. Nolte was under the influence of alcohol and or drugs."

In a conversation with Reuters, Tang said, "He was extremely pleasant and cooperative. Apparently there were even a few passers-by and one of the passers-by stopped and took pictures."

Source: Press Release