Date: 26th September 2000

Jackie Chan Promotes Learning At NASA

Action star JACKIE CHAN surprised students when he turned up at a NASA facility - they were expecting to be taught about flying.

The students thought they were going to spend the day learning about aviation from NASA scientists. Then the white stretch limo pulled up, and out stepped Jackie Chan. "When I saw him my heart started to beat fast," 11-year-old SHATASHA MCPHATTER says, "I felt like I was dreaming."

The RUSH HOUR star came to the city's ACHIEVABLE DREAM SCHOOL on Monday (25SEPT00) to film an episode of THE NASA 'WHY' FILES.

After the filming, Chan visited classrooms, answered questions and even performed a kung fu move. He said he agreed to take part in the NASA program to promote learning. He says, "Anything that can help children about education, I go."


Source: WENN