Date: 4th November 2002

Suspects Charged Over Victoria Beckham Kidnap Plot

Five people were arrested in connection with an alleged $7.5 million plot to kidnap former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. They have been charged with theft and conspiracy to rob.

Husband David Beckham was told of the news by his wife after the football match in which he was playing against Southampton finished.

Victoria said, "I'm stunned by what has happened today. It's clear these people were serious. It's terrifying to think that someone would want to do that to you and your children. I'm in absolute and total shock."

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: "Five men will appear in court today charged variously with theft and conspiracy to rob. Inquiries into an alleged conspiracy to kidnap continue and all five men are also on police bail to return to central London police stations on November 18, pending further enquiries into these matters."

Source: Press Release



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