Date: 29th November 2002

Michael Caine found playing a younger man 'a stretch'

Michael Caine has admitted his latest film role was "a bit of a stretch."

Caine stars in the remake of Graham Greene's novel The Quiet American.

In the film he plays a 55-year-old journalist.

"Here I was playing a 55 year old at the age of 68, so that was a bit of a stretch," said Caine.

"There was a lot of make up, a lot of hair dyeing going on. But I was delighted to be offered the part, it was like a great gift from God."

Caine says he was delighted to be offered the role of Thomas Fowler, despite his age: "I don't have to work and I'm nearly seventy, I suppose I should retire."

He added: "Recently I did Little Voice, and Cider House Rules and then I got The Quiet American.

They weren't massive roles in the movie, and then suddenly here was a leading role with degrees of difficulty. There were tremendously difficult things to do in here, and it was such a challenge for me.

"I sit waiting for things that I can't refuse, I really couldn't turn it down. I thought, there is a God and he's remembered my name."

Source: Press Release