Date: 13th December 2002

Leonard Nimoy to quit acting

Leonard Nimoy says he's quitting acting.

He says he's had enough of making films.

Instead he wants to concentrate on his new passion of photography.

"I won't take a job that takes me away from home for any length of time, my life is too good" Nimoy says.

"I've had a lot of offers that I've turned down. My agent knows not to bring me stuff, unless it's something I can do in a day or two or in connection with some personal travelling. Photography fulfills my creative needs."

Nimoy says he knows his decision to quit acting will disappoint Star Trek fans, but says they don't really need him: "The last time I was involved with them was in 1990.

I occasionally hear they hold out hope for me, but Spock is somewhere deep in the Klingon empire on a spy mission."

Source: Press Release