Date: 16th December 2002

Demi 'Dating' Bill Clinton

Just when a reconciliation seemed to be on the cards for Bruce Willis and ex-wife Demi Moore, it seems another man has suddenly swept in and stolen the lady's heart.
Bruce is seething because Demi has been secretly dating ex-president Bill Clinton.

The actress is said to be captivated by Bill's "mature" sex appeal, witty one liners and charming chat-up lines. "Bruce told Demi she's mad if she goes for Clinton," an aide says. "He told her: 'He uses women don't trust him'."

Bruce met Hillary Clinton at a Planet Hollywood fundraiser when Bill was battling the former Monica Lewinsky scandal. "I got to know Hillary pretty well," Bruce says. "She's an intelligent politician and a lovely warm person. I came away feeling sorry for her. I wanted to tell her she's going nowhere staying in that marriage."

Whispers from Clinton's camp suggest that he intends to separate from his long-suffering wife in the New Year. But bitter Bruce is determined that the former politician will get nowhere with Demi.

"Bruce has done his research," an aide says. "He would have made an excellent private detective. He likes to find out about people, and what he's found out about Bill Clinton was sufficient in his eyes to warrant contacting Demi. He told me: 'Clinton's an even bigger womaniser than JFK ever was'."

But Demi, stunning at 40 after a $US700,000 (440,000) makeover, is in no mood to listen to his pleas, and is said to be smitten with the man Bruce has branded "the Silver Fox".

The Australian

Source: Press Release