Date: 8th January 2003

Harrison Ford In Car Accident On Set

Whilst filming his new movie Hollywood Homicide (2003), a stunt went horribly wrong when Harrison Ford and co-star Josh Hartnett's car hit a wall during the filming of a car chase.

The 60 year old insists on doing many of his own stunts as a source on set said, "This was a stunt that should have been done by professional stunt men. But Harrison insists on doing all of his stunts, so his co-star Josh didn't want to be left out."

"Josh got confused and instead of driving down a street, he drove right into a wall. Everybody freaked! People ran over to the car to get them out."

"Harrison remained calm and got out himself, but Josh was a bit more shaken up in the incident. Between the two of them they suffered only a bump on the head, some pulled muscles, and a back strain. It could have been so much worse."

Source: Press Release