Date: 9th January 2003

Mad role for Mel's mate

NIDA graduate Mel Gibson wants to help out his old mate troubled actor Robert Downey Jnr with a role in the much awaited Mad Max 4.
While casting is yet to be finalised, director George Miller has revealed Downey Jnr is likely to get a gig.

Gibson and Downey Jnr have been good friends since starring together in Air America.

Gibson remained a staunch supporter of the 37-year-old when he hit the skids and ended up in jail on drugs charges. In an interview with First Magazine Miller said that Gibson had a part in mind for Downey Jnr in the fourth instalment of the Max Rockatansky saga.

And they might also be bringing back a few old faces from the past.

"We've a bit of a way to go there with casting," Miller said. "But Mel has an idea to put Robert Downey Jnr who I adore by the way in a role and I myself would love to see some of the faces from the earlier films return be it Tina Turner (Aunty Entity) or Emil Minty (The Feral Kid)."

This is not the first time Gibson has lent a hand to his talented but troubled actor friend.

Last year Downey Jnr landed the lead role in The Singing Detective, a film based on the UK TV drama series made by Gibson's Icon Productions.

Miller said the Mad Max 4 script was almost complete and they hoped to start filming early in the year.

When he was asked about Gibson's reported $40 million-plus salary, Miller replied, "he's worth every cent . . . I mean would you watch a Mad Max film without Mel?"

No George, we wouldn't.

The Daily Telegraph

Source: Press Release



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