Date: 4th February 2003

Ben Kingsley to play Thunderbirds villain

Sir Ben Kingsley is to play the villain in the new Thunderbirds movie.

He will take on the role of The Hood - who plans to take over the International Rescue headquarters.

He joins a cast of mainly unknown actors for the film, which has been on the drawing board for years and finally begins filming next month.

Bill Paxton - whose credits include Titanic (1997) and Twister (1996) - is reportedly in negotiations to play Jeff Tracy.

Sophia Myles, who appeared in Mansfield Park, is lined up to play Lady Penelope, while the role of chauffeur Parker will be filled by Ron Cook, who appeared in Chocolat.

The film sees The Hood invade the Pacific base of Tracy Island, after sending International Rescue on a fake mission. It will be shot in the UK and in the Seychelles.

Source: Press Release