Date: 5th February 2003

Marriage Over For Jude And Sadie

The controversy surrounding Sydney's Nicole Kidman and British actor Jude Law intensified yesterday with reports Law has told wife Sadie Frost their five- year marriage is over.
Friends of the actor say the couple will begin a low-key separation in the next few weeks. And Britain's Daily Mail said yesterday he is being 'comforted' by co-star Nicole but she was not responsible for the split.

Thirty-seven year-old Sadie, who has three children by Law, including a four-month-old baby, has made it clear she is not giving up without a fight.

A week after it was revealed that she had cut her wrists in a 'grab for attention', she told the Daily Mail: "I'm feeling fantastic at the moment.

It was just post-natal depression. There are no marriage problems."

In his own statement later, Law said: "
There is absolutely no third party involved in our marriage. To suggest otherwise is malicious, hurtful and libellous."

Law, 30, has spent much of the last eight months in Romania filming Cold Mountain (2003) with Nicole.

The paper reported a friend of Law's as saying: "
Sadie has always been jealous of Nicole but at the same time hated Romania so hardly ever went to see him.

"The marriage ran into problems a year ago when she announced she was pregnant again. Now he has had enough. His only worry is that she will somehow try to make him stay. The children mean the world to him and he is determined to minimise their hurt as much as possible."

Another source said: "There is a close friendship with Nicole Kidman, there is a meeting of minds there that Jude doesn't have with Sadie.

But, despite what Sadie thinks, Nicole is not the cause of the break-up. Nicole is more of a friend than a lover she has been a shoulder to cry on."

Another friend of Law said: "
This has been brewing for years. Jude has had enough of Sadie's theatrics."

Outside her home last night, Sadie Frost said that rumours linking her husband to Nicole Kidman were "
a load of rubbish".

We are trying to get our family back together after all these stupid lies." she added. "People just put two and two together and get five. We want to spend time with our children."

The Daily Telegraph

Source: Press Release



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