Date: 28th February 2003

Kidman And Cruise Set For On-Screen Battle

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Now that Nicole Kidman is arguably the busiest woman in Hollywood, she finally looks set for an on-screen battle with former husband Tom Cruise.

Expect the curses to fly when the pair star in competing witch-based movies due next year.

According to trade magazine Daily Variety, Cruise is preparing for a role in a Danny DeVito-directed remake of the 1942 film I Married a Witch, which will see the two short guys teaming up for a stab at comedy.

The flick is about a witch who puts a curse on a family's male descendants only to fall in love with one of them.

Kidman, meanwhile, will star in Bewitched , an adaptation of the TV series about Samantha, a witch who marries a mortal.

Cruise originally developed I Married a Witch five years ago as a movie in which he was going to star with his then-wife Kidman.

The Daily Telegraph

Source: Press Release



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