Date: 7th April 2003

Liz Hurley Agrees To Marriage

Elizabeth Hurley has agreed to marry boyfriend Arun Nayar after a four-month whirlwind romance.

But the couple will not get engaged until Arun divorces his wife, Valentina Pedroni.

Arun, 37, proposed while they were on holiday in India.

They went to his home city of Bombay so Hurley could meet his parents, Gunnar and Vinod Nayar.

The model and actress, 36, told friends she is delighted about finally settling down.

"Arun waited until they were in his home country to propose. He wanted her to meet his family first so that he could be sure," a friend of Hurley said.

Millionaire Arun, who runs a computer business in Bombay, will inherit a fortune from his family's textile industry.

His mother was said to get on famously with Hurley but his grandmother, Kailash Nayar who is close to Arun's wife, refused to meet the star because she disapproves of their relationship and open displays of affection.

Arun is Hurley's first serious boyfriend since she split from Steve Bing, father of her one-year-old son, Damian Charles.

A source close to her said: "Liz is happier than ever. She's found her soul mate in Arun, she's 100 per cent sure he's the one.

He's very serious about committing to Liz. Deep down she's a traditional girl and never wanted things to work out as they did.

"She wants Damian to have a father figure."

Pedroni has said she will never forgive her friend for going off with her husband and will do everything she can to save her marriage.

Last night Arun said: "I will not comment on Elizabeth" and a spokesman for Hurley declined to comment.

The Daily Telegraph

Source: Press Release