Date: 7th April 2003

Crowe's Wedding - Go The Distance Or Go Home

Guests at Russell Crowe's three-day wedding must go the distance or stay home.

"The first rule is a mandatory stay," a source attending Crowe's wedding in northern New South Wales told the Herald Sun.

Movie star Crowe, 38, insists his guests stay for the duration of the nuptials, which start today and end on Monday.

"It's all or nothing," the source said.

Crowe will marry girlfriend Danielle Spencer in a purpose-built $400,000 domed chapel at his property 25km from Coffs Harbour.

The 80 invited guests include actor Jack Thompson, musician Lee Kernaghan, Gladiator (2000) director Ridley Scott, rock star Sting and Crowe's Beautiful Mind, A (2001) co-stars Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany.

However, it seems three days of news choppers buzzing Crowe's property will also be mandatory.

Aviation authorities have rejected an application by Crowe for a no-fly zone.

Police were also not convinced of the need for restricted airspace over the Crowe property.

"We are not insisting on a no-fly zone," Inspector Gyl Parriott of Coffs Harbour police said yesterday.

"It has to be an emergency situation from our perspective and a wedding does not fit that criteria," he said.

Police had not been sent to the property.

"We are not anticipating any problems and we are treating this situation as per normal," Insp Parriott said.

The wedding invitations promise three days of feasts, poetry readings and cricket.

Unofficially, Crowe has planned a five-day party for his closest friends, most of whom arrived on Wednesday, sources say.

"This wedding is true Russell style, totally over the top, but in a way that makes you feel comfortable, not bratty and spoilt," the source said.

Crowe will release pictures in exchange for privacy. Media commentators said Crowe was unlikely to get his wish.

Herald Sun

Source: Press Release