Date: 19th May 2003

Rush signs up for Sellers story

The cast of a new film about comic genius Peter Sellers has been unveiled at the Cannes Film Festival.

Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush plays the Goon Show star in the biopic, The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers.

Stephen Fry plays Maurice Woodruff, the "psychic" advisor on whom Sellers relied.

Emily Watson is his first wife, Anne Howe, and Emilia Fox his fourth, Lynne Frederick, while Britt Ekland is played by Charlize Theron.

And Italian newcomer Sonia Aquino makes her English-speaking debut as screen siren Sophia Loren.

The film will portray Sellers - the former Goon who went on to become an international star in the likes of Dr Strangelove and the Pink Panther movies - as a troubled genius unable to cope with the pressures of fame.

Australian star Rush says he was a huge fan of Sellers's work and wanted to do him justice in the film.

"I think he became the first really hip British actor from the most unlikely background," he said.

"There were great British actors around like David Niven and Alec Guinness but there was something cool and chic and original about Sellers."

Rush, who won a best actor Oscar in 1996 for his portrayal of disturbed pianist David Helfgott in Shine, was the producers' first choice for the part.

Source: Press Release



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