Date: 6th June 2003

Schwarzenegger 'wants to be governor of California'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he would like to be governor of California.

With current Governor Gray Davis facing difficulties, Schwarzenegger's political ambitions with the Republican Party could be expedited.

But his political adviser, George Gorton, said the statement did not represent a change in the actor's thinking.

"The bottom line fact is he hasn't decided whether he's going to run or not if the recall qualifies, and he's so terribly busy right now," Mr Gorton said.

He said the 55-year-old actor would decide whether to run after the July 2 opening of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), and only if it becomes clear the recall will qualify for the ballot. Supporters must collect nearly 900,000 valid signatures to make that happen.

Mr Gorton confirmed Schwarzenegger has been having discussions with political insiders and potential supporters.

"Mostly he's been focusing on two things, and one is the movie and the other is Inner-City Games, but occasionally he's pulled into conversation with key people," Mr Gorton said.

The actor is chairman of the National Inner-City Games Foundation, a non-profit group that provides free after-school and summer activities to low-income children.

Source: Press Release