Date: 18th June 2003

Elizabeth Hurley Engaged?

Actress Elizabeth Hurley and her millionaire lover Arun Nayar insisted on being called 'Mr. and Mrs.' on a romantic trip last weekend - raising speculation they are now engaged. The pair checked into the five star, $1,431-a-night Cliveden Hotel in Buckinghamshire, England, as Mr. and Mrs. Nayar, and fellow guests were so taken by their amorous activities they're convinced the couple are planning to wed in the near future. One guest confides, "She and Arun were all over each other, kissing and cuddling. I heard Liz ask staff to call her Mrs Nayar and wondered if he had been down on bended knee. Judging by their body language it seemed to me they had something to celebrate."

On Sunday the love struck couple took to the water for a cruise down the River Thames and spent the journey kissing and cuddling, ignoring other travelers. Fellow tourist Mick Bowles reveals, "Liz only had eyes for the man she was with and didn't care who knew it. She was ruffling her hands through his hair and he was nibbling her ear and kissing her cheek. They were in a world of their own, oblivious to everyone. They looked very much in love." Businessman Nayar reportedly visited his estranged wife, model Valentina Pedroni, last month to beg her for a divorce.

Source: Press Release