Date: 25th June 2003

Sean Penn wins legal battle

Sean Penn has won a legal battle against Steve Bing.

The two men were suing each other over their failed collaboration on a film called Why Men Shouldn't Marry, which hasn't yet been made.

Penn sued Bing for 6m, accusing the producer of sacking him for vocally opposing the recent war in Iraq, reports Sky news.

But Bing countersued, alleging the actor tried to extort money for a film role he never accepted.

A Los Angeles judge has ruled Bing cannot sue Penn for attempted civil extortion as the claim does not exist in California law.

The producer also claims that Penn broke a promise to waive script approval so Woody Allen would agree to undertake the project.

Bing said the money he is seeking will repay his pre-production costs and Allen's salary.

Source: Press Release