Date: 10th July 2003

Avril Lavigne will not star in Sk8er Boi movie

Avril Lavigne has denied rumours that she is to star in the forthcoming Sk8er Boi movie.

"The movie has nothing to do with me," she told Rolling Stone. "I don't have any say in it. And no, I won't be in it."

Paramount is currently developing the film, based on Lavigne's hit single, about love across cultural divides,

The song's co-writers, The Matrix, have already signed on as consultants and will develop an accompanying album.

Lavigne also revealed that she has started work on the follow-up to her 2002 debut album Let Go.

She said: "I think I've really come along in my songwriting. I really believe in myself, and I'm going to make a record that really comes from inside, from my feelings.

I've had time to grow and become a better writer, a better guitar player, and I've learned more about studio work."

Source: Press Release