Date: 1st August 2003

Irons says he's becoming a worse actor

Jeremy Irons has admitted that he is getting worse as an actor.

The 55-year-old Brit, star of films such as Lolita and The Man in the Iron Mask, told Croatian weekly Globus: "Its getting harder for me to act. I believe I am worse at it than in my earlier movies."

He added he also enjoyed being an actor less and less.

He said: "I feel that as I get older I enjoy less being in the role of an actor. The same goes for the fame."

Irons, who was in Pula for the Croatian Film Festival, said that in future he planned to choose his roles using his instincts and feelings.

He said: "I believe a lot in my instinct. When I read a script, I can easily say, 'well this is boring or this is not for me and I know lots of other people that would do this one much better than I could'."

Source: Press Release