Date: 5th August 2003

Pie guy flies in

SHOOTING to fame by getting intimate with a steaming apple pie has been a "bittersweet" experience for American Pie star Jason Biggs.

Bitter in that he hopes it won't box him into the teen genre, and sweet in that it propelled him out of the realm of the unknown into that reserved for internationally renowned movie stars.

In Sydney to promote the latest chapter - American Pie: The Wedding - Biggs agreed that signing up for a third instalment was a big call, but knowing Adam Herz had written the script had sealed the deal.

The film follows the same formula as its two predecessors, and audiences can expect plenty of embarrassing situations that will leave them squirming and hoping it never happens to them.

In American Pie: The Wedding, Biggs's character - the bumbling, awkward but endearing Jim - ties the knot with girlfriend Michelle (Alyson Hannigan).

Biggs said that, although the script was good, this would be his last time playing Jim.

"As much as we enjoy playing these characters, I think we are ready to put them to rest," Biggs said.


Source: Press Release