Date: 12th September 2003

Lopez wedding reportedly off after voodoo session

Jennifer Lopez is said to have called off her wedding to Ben Affleck after she visited a voodoo fortune-teller.

The actress had earlier said the ceremony had been put back because of fears of a media scrum.

According to The Sun, Lopez cancelled after a two-hour session with voodoo psychic Merle Gonzalez.

The newspaper says it's not clear what Gonzalez told her.

Gonzalez is said to practise an ancient form of voodoo called Santeria, meaning the Way of the Saints. It involves animal sacrifices and followers engage in chanting, possession and long trances.

Gonzalez claims to be able to predict the future and 33-year-old Lopez is said to be a regular visitor to her Los Angeles home.

Gonzalez refused to say if she had advised J-Lo not to get married. "I am involved in Santeria and yes, I am friends with Jennifer Lopez. But I cannot discuss my relationship with her."

It's reported that Lopez and Affleck were due to tie the knot at a small Catholic church in Santa Barbara, California, on Sunday.

Source: Press Release



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