Date: 17th September 2003

J.Lo and Ben's Future Looking Bleaker

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's future is looking more doomed by the day, with friends speculating that Ben's love of gambling has contributed to a split. The superstar couple, who blame press intrusion for the postponement of Sunday's planned wedding, spent Monday on opposite sides of America.

Ben - who also competed against professionals on the World Poker Tour last month - spent Friday night in Larry Flynt's Hustler casino in Los Angeles, before emerging blurry-eyed at 6am. An insider says, "He lost some significant money and kept trying to win it back." And some friends think it's Ben's beloved betting that drove J.Lo to Miami. One says, "She never liked Las Vegas. She worried that Ben, who's a recovering alcoholic, was substituting one habit for another." But a close pal of the Daredevil star says, "Ben doesn't have a gambling problem. It's just recreational for him."

Source: Press Release



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