Date: 28th August 2000

Caine In Pink Cartoon

SIR MICHAEL CAINE is such a big fan of animated film-maker NICK PARK that he jumped at the chance to appear in his latest movie.

THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE will be the next animated feature to hit the box office following the runaway success of smash flick CHICKEN RUN.

The project, based on the famous AESOP fable, is so far advanced that ITALIAN JOB actor has already voiced the part of the hare.

An insider says, "He's just finished doing it. The voices are always recorded before the animation so they can get the mouth movements in synch. When Caine was offered it, he jumped at the chance. He's a big fan of Nick Park's."

The acclaimed Oscar winner actually had to raise his voice a few octaves to play the 26-year-old hare, making the movie a real challenge.

The project, which has been in development for five years, will be backed by STEVEN SPEILBERG'S DREAMWORKS.


Source: WENN



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