Date: 21st November 2003

Marvel reveals new film plans including Hulk 2

Marvel has revealed plans for several new superhero movies including a Hulk sequel.

Hulk 2 is scheduled for 2006, along with X-Men 3 and four new comic adaptations: Captain America, Nick Fury, Namor and Iron Fist.

But Marvel and 20th Century Fox have delayed the long awaited Fantastic Four movie. Originally set to premiere at Christmas 2004, it now won't be seen until summer 2005.

A sequel to Daredevil is in the works, as is a spin-off movie based on Jennifer Garner's character Elektra, reports Teletext.

Meanwhile, Nicolas Cage will play John Blaze in Ghost Rider, the story of a motorcyclist possessed by a demon. The film starts shooting next year.

Source: Press Release