Date: 25th November 2003

Cruise: I'm Not Marrying Penelope

Movie superstar Tom Cruise has ruled out marriage with long-term love Penelope Cruz in the near future - stating they have "no particular plans" to wed. The Minority Report actor, 41, has hailed his relationship with Cruz - who he describes as a "beautiful human being" - as very romantic, but says he is not yet ready to walk down the aisle with her. He says, "I love Penelope and I have a lot of fun with her. She's a beautiful human being but in terms of marriage there are no particular plans at this time. It's not going to happen this Christmas. We do a lot of nice things together. I'm a romantic so I do things that I know she likes." And Cruise gave a rare insight into their two-year romance, revealing his Spanish belle, 29 - who he met on the set of psychological thriller Vanilla Sky in 2000 whilst he was still married to Nicole Kidman - has no interest in expensive presents. He adds, "I know that she likes red roses so I'll come home and give her a red rose. Penelope is someone to whom gifts don't mean a lot. She doesn't really want jewelry or big gifts. She likes written notes and a letter or a phone call at a particular time while she's away. Those kind of things mean the most. We like going out to dinner and hanging out, you know, going for hikes and just having fun."

Source: Press Release



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