Date: 19th March 2004

Julie Andrews 'finds her voice'

Julie Andrews is able to sing again, seven years after being restricted to speaking roles.

The star's singing voice disappeared in 1997 following an operation to remove a non-malignant cyst in her throat.

Three years later, the star of Mary Poppins conceded that she did not think she would ever sing again reports The Daily Mail.

But, during filming for her latest movie The Princess Diaries 2, she was persuaded to give it a try. The film's musical supervisor said: " She nailed the song on the first take. I saw crew members with tears in their eyes."

The film's composer Larry Grossman, who has worked with the 68-year-old star before, admitted the song did not show off the star's pervious vocal capacity but was designed not to be too challenging. He said: " It is written in just one octave."

The Princess Diaries 2 is the sequel to the 2001 film in which an American schoolgirl, Mia, play by Anne Hathaway, inherits a small European country and is trained for the role by her regal grandmother played by Andrews.

Source: Press Release