Date: 16th April 2004

Rival Exorcist prequels to go head-to-head?

Two completely different prequels to The Exorcist are to be released simultaneously on DVD.

Producers Morgan Creek commissioned director Paul Schrader (Auto Focus) to make Exorcist: The Beginning.

But they sacked him because his film did not have the bloody horror and shock effects of the 1973 original.

Morgan Creek then turned to Renny Harlin to create a new Exorcist prequel. Harlin's version makes its US debut in August.

But Schrader stands by his film and told Variety: "I'm very proud of my film, and I think it deserves to be seen."

Morgan Creek now wants to release both versions on DVD at the same time.

Schrader insists his version of The Exorcist prequel delivered exactly what he was asked to shoot.

"They made it very clear," he said. "No spinning heads and no pea soup. But then they changed their mind."

Source: Press Release



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