Date: 4th May 2004

Farrell not right for Bond, says Brosnan

Colin Farrell would not be right for the part of James Bond according to Pierce Brosnan.

Bond producers are said to be looking for a new leading man and Farrell, X-Men star Hugh Jackman, Orlando Bloom and Ewan McGregor have all been tipped for the part.

But Brosnan, 50, who played Bond in the last four films, said that Farrell was not right for the part of 007.

Brosnan said: "I think he's a great actor but I don't think he's right for Bond.

Some of the names that will be top of my list are Clive Owen, who's a fine actor, and Hugh Jackman, who is also a very fine actor," he said.

He added: "
I was trained and led to believe that I could do anything and I've been pigeon holed.

"It's time in my life to step outside the box."

Source: Press Release



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