Date: 19th May 2004

Liz Hurley's new film goes straight to video

Elizabeth Hurley's latest film, Method, is going straight to video - her fourth film to do so.

It means distributors don't want to spend any money publicising the 10m film.

In Method, Hurley stars as an actress who starts taking on the characteristics of the murderess she is playing.

The 38-year-old also co-produced the film.

A source told the Daily Mail: "This is doubly embarrassing because not only was Elizabeth the main star, she was also the producer."

Her last film before Method was Serving Sara, which cost 20m and starred Friends actor Matthew Perry. It was released in the US in 2002, but took just 3m at the box office. As a result it went straight to video in the UK.

Bad Boy, in which she starred with comedian Denis Leary, was also released on video only. Double Whammy, also with Leary, didn't make it to the cinema either.

Bedazzled did make it to the big screen, but after costing 35m to make, took just 7m at the box office.

The 2000 film, The Weight of Water, which starred Sean Penn, took only 100,000 in the US and went straight o video in Britain.

Source: Press Release