Date: 22nd June 2004

Diaz wants to start a family

Cameron Diaz says she's ready to quit films so she can start a family with boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

That's despite recently claiming she had no plans to marry and enjoyed her independence.

The Hollywood actress, who will be 32 in August, said: "I'm now at that age where the wish for a child starts growing."

She added: "I now believe that you should only marry once in your life and that should be forever. You have to settle down in your heart."

The Charlie's Angels star has been dating Timberlake for a year, and has cleared her diary to to follow him to Australia on his tour this month, says The Sun.

She said: "You can't have a relationship with someone if you don't see them on a regular basis. Long distance relationships ultimately fail."

The couple are currently on a romantic break in Queensland's Port Douglas resort.

Diaz also says she often feels ugly and can't bear looking at herself. "There are days I feel pretty and others when I could banish all mirrors. I also don't like my bottom very much."

Source: Press Release