Date: 1st October 2000

Moore Hurt Over Bond Breakup

ROGER MOORE's former wife LUISA MOORE has spoken of her pain at losing the JAMES BOND star to her close friend KIKI THOLSTRUP.

Luisa claims Kiki pursued Roger through France and America in a determined bid to woo the hunky MOONRAKER actor. She says, "The first time Kiki walked into my house she exclaimed, 'I would give anything for a house like this.' I should have taken more heed of her words. "I believe that not only did Kiki want my house and my husband - I am not sure in which order - she wanted my life. She wanted to become me. "Had Roger gone off with a younger woman I could tell myself he wanted fresh meat. But he has gone of with old meat. Well chewed at that. "She is the last woman in the world I would have expected him to run off with, a hanger-on who has had two husbands and three facelifts."

Luisa adds that Moore chose the telephone to explain that he was leaving her and then did not contact her again until he saw her in the divorce courts. She says, "
For me Roger is contaminated by Kiki. I would never have him back. To me he is dead."


Source: WENN