Date: 21st September 2004

Star Wars - the end really is nigh

George Lucas has put paid to rumours that he is planning further Star Wars films.

Various sources claimed the Star Wars creator intended making another three episodes of the galactic adventures.

But Lucas says he never had any such plans in mind.

He told "There is no VII, VIII, IX. There never has been. The story was originally intended to be IV, V and VI. But I had a back story which I found fascinating, and now you've got the full story from beginning to end. There really isn't any more."

Lucas added that work on the final Star Wars prequel - Revenge Of The Sith - is going well: "I just finished shooting in London for two weeks, so the last shot of Star Wars has been shot, and now I have to cut that all in.

I'm really happy with it. It's very dark, obviously, because everyone gets killed in the end. But it will make the whole six movies make sense."

Source: Press Release