Date: 6th October 2004

Brosnan blames producers for Bond delay

Pierce Brosnan says he blames the Bond producers for the next film's delay.

The Broccolis have produced the blockbuster for more than 30 years but Brosnan believes they have lost the plot by not confirming whether or not there will be a new Bond and not getting a director on board.

"I really have no idea what they're doing at the moment," says Brosnan of the Broccolis.

"The last Bond movie broke all records but they don't know what to do next. They don't know how to move forward."

The star says he has become oblivious to the ongoing twists and turns surrounding Bond 21 and is concentrating on other projects.

"I shall carry moving forward myself with my own films, my own career," he said.

"Bond has been a wonderful accomplishment for me as an actor and to be part of such a legacy has been great but I don't know what will happen next."

Source: Press Release



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