Date: 22nd October 2004

Farrell admits to heroin use

Colin Farrell has admitted he has taken heroin - and says it was "pretty nice".

The star had previously hinted at using the drug. Yet he later denied it, saying he was "being sarcastic".

But asked again by GQ magazine if he had used heroin, the Irishman admitted: "I've smoked it a couple of times, but I knew where it was going. For some reason it seemed pretty f***ing nice at the time." Asked if he was scared he would like it too much, the 28-year-old actor admitted: "Yeah."

And asked if there were any drugs he ruled out, he boasted: "No. There was nothing I wouldn't have f***ing done. Whatever was around."

Farrell, who had appeared to be calming down since the birth of son James almost a year ago, told the mag's US edition that he smoked pot for the first time at 15 and took Ecstasy a year later reports The Sun.

He said: "I remember thinking, 'Oh f***, there's nothing I can do now, it's in my belly'."

Farrell, star of forthcoming historical epic Alexander, also admitted he took some early modelling jobs purely to earn money for drugs.

He described how he volunteered to wear a G-string rather than boxers in one TV ad since it paid 8 more.He said: "My hand shot right up. That was a pill, you know. Two pills if you're buying from the right person."

But the star's confessions saw him branded "irresponsible" by anti-drugs groups. Peter Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance raged: "He should not be bragging about taking heroin. Farrell is a role model for children. If he thinks it is so cool he should go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and see the harsh reality."

Dublin-born Farrell also confessed to flashing his manhood at Alexander co-stars, saying: "It got me the nickname c***-out Colin."

Source: Press Release