Date: 2nd November 2004

Tarantino's Kung Fu Flick In Mandarin

Movie legend Tarantino's next film is to be a kung-fu flick shot in Mandarin.

The director of Kill Bill says he will make two versions - one with subtitles and one dubbed with English.

But the dubbing will be deliberately out of sync, in tribute to the kitsch kung fu films of the Seventies.

Martial arts fan Tarantino revealed his plans in an interview with Total Film magazine.

He said: "My next movie is gonna be another kung fu that's gonna blow your asses off.

The next movie will be in Mandarin. I enjoyed shooting all the Japanese stuff in Kill Bill so much that this whole film will be entirely in Mandarin.

"If you're not up to watching it with subtitles, I really want to do a full-on dubbed version."

The Reservoir Dogs director is set to start work on the as-yet-unnamed movie early next year.

Total Film's Mark Dinning said: "The man is a walking encyclopaedia of weird and wonderful movies and he loves kung fu. He wants to make a genuine martial arts film with all the ideas he has spilling over from shooting Kill Bill.

This project has Tarantino written all over it - a mix of the barmy and the brilliant that film fans will be excited about seeing."

Source: Press Release