Date: 18th November 2004

Charlize says she won't kiss and tell

Charlize Theron won't kiss and tell on who is the hottest leading lady she's kissed in the movies.

The South African who gets to kiss Penelope Cruz in scenes in Head in the Clouds has also snogged Christina Ricci in Monster.

Asked if the women are better kissers than her boyfriend Stuart Townsend - who stars with her in the WW2 melodrama Head in the Clouds she said: "Wouldn't you like to know. But a lady never talks about who she kisses."

Charlize told the German newspaper B.Z. that Cruz, the former girlfriend of Tom Cruise, has "hot Spanish blood" in her veins.

Charlize, who injured her vertebrae doing stunts for Aeon Flux, is now back at work and enjoys wandering around Berlin without being mobbed by fans.

She added: "I can go into shops and museums here without being noticed. I love walking around the streets in autumn, taking in the impressive architecture."

Source: Press Release



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