Date: 2nd October 2000

Terminator 2 Star Sinks Into Drink And Drugs Hell

TERMINATOR 2 star EDWARD FURLONG looks like he's going off the rails - in a downward spiral of drink, drugs and partying.

Furlong, who played the young boy JOHN CONNOR in the hit ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER movie, has been pictured at a number of high profile club events looking phased and drawn with huge red bags under his eyes.

Currently dating New York socialite PARIS HILTON, friends of Furlong are worried for his future, especially after he threw up on the bar of the nightclub LIGHT at a party earlier this month (16SEP00).

According to onlookers, Furlong appeared to be leaning on Hilton for support. When a reporter approached him for a comment he was waved away. Furlong's representative insists nothings wrong however, saying, "I've never seen him use drugs. I've just seen him drinking."

Furlong is scheduled to start filming TERMINATOR 3 in early 2001. (SVD/US/PDD)

Source: WENN