Date: 1st March 2005

Halle accepts her Razzie Award

Halle Berry turned up at the Razzie Awards to accept her prize for Worst Actress.

The star won the award for her performance in Catwoman.

Halle said: "I want to thank Warner Brothers for casting me in this piece of s**t."

She brought her agent up on the stage and said: "Next time read the script first."

She added: "Oh gosh, I never in my life thought I'd be here winning a Razzie. They can't take this away from me."

It is rare for any stars to turn up to accept a Razzie reports the Mirror.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez' film flop Gigli won worst "comedy" of the last 25 years while John Travolta's sci-fi film Battlefield Earth won worst "drama" since 1980.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been up for eight Razzies, won one for having the most nominations without having won an award.

Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed was given the prize for worst remake or sequel.

Source: Press Release