Date: 3rd October 2000

Blair Mum Project Scared Linda

THE EXORCIST star LINDA BLAIR was so scared of her mother's
reaction to her role in the horror classic she never discussed it with her.

Blair was just 14 when she played the demonically-possessed
REAGAN in the box office blockbuster, causing an outcry among
people who thought she was too young to take part in many scenes.

But Blair says she had no idea she'd be given such vile dialogue
or that she'd have to shoot the famed crucifix scene, in which she performs a sexual act with a cross - because director WILLIAM FRIEDKIN never told her.

She says, "My mother and I were not aware of what William
Friedkin wanted. It was not detailed in the screenplay. The
crucifix scene was simply called that. It was not until the day we
filmed it that I learned exactly what I would be doing.

The same was true of the horrible dialogue. It was not there in
the script for me to dwell on or to fret about. I was given it at
the last moment."

And Blair still does not know what her mother thought about the
finished film. She adds, "
We never discussed her reaction to the movie, though I wanted to know how it affected her. She died without my ever getting up the courage to ask her." (WNWCCC)

Source: WENN