Date: 2nd September 2005

Scarlett's sexy Woody

Scarlett Johansson has confessed she finds Woody Allen sexier than her boyfriend Josh Hartnett.

The stunning actress, who has recently worked with the legendary director on two movies in London, named Woody the sexiest man in Hollywood in a magazine questionnaire.

However, although she neglected to pick handsome Josh, the couple's romance appears to be hotting up.

Last month, Scarlett reportedly asked the 'Pearl Harbor' heartthrob to move into her home.

The beautiful actress, who has been dating Josh since falling for him on the set of new movie 'The Black Dahlia', is said to be keen to take their relationship to the next level by moving the 27-year-old actor into her New York apartment.

A friend of the blonde actress said: "She wants to see what he's like to live with before she discusses marriage."

Scarlett has previously dated handsome actor Jared Leto, and was once linked to 'Sin City' star Benicio Del Toro.

However, she recently slammed rumours she and Benicio had sex in a hotel elevator.

Source: Press Release



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