Date: 13th September 2005

Elijah amused by gay claims

Elijah Wood says he finds internet pranksters, who try to convince people he is gay, "absolutely hilarious".

The actor says he isn't planning any legal action to stop them - and is amazed by their creativity.

Elijah told US talkshow host Conan O'Brien: "There's one that's called elijahwoodisveryverygay, which is actually a personal favourite of mine, it's absolutely hilarious.

It's this kind of joke website that maintains that they have proof that I am very very gay in various photographs - photographic evidence of me holding hands with a male."

The actor also said some Lord Of The Rings fans want the stars of the film to be homosexual.

They want to create moments that they didn't get to see in the film, of these characters in sexual congress," he revealed.

I was actually at a film festival once... and this fan came up with a gift... I open the gift in front of all these people that I'm talking to and it happens to be a photo from one of these websites of me and Dominic Monaghan making sweet love."

Elijah added: "
If you didn't know any better, it kinda looks real."

Source: Press Release