Date: 20th September 2005

Renée's Family Fraud?

Legal types and insider sources have been shedding more light on THAT word cited in Renée Zellweger's marriage annulment papers.

According to experts the "fraud" she talks of probably has something to do with children.

After four months of marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney, the Bridget Jones star has caused a flurry of intrigue after ticking the box marked "fraud" on her written request for an official split.

Top celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder says the legal term could refer to the couple's views on having a baby.

"The usual fraud in American law is when the wife claims the husband said they were going to have children and now he won't," Felder told The Sun newspaper.

A source close to Renee has backed up this theory saying: "She's an old-fashioned girl at heart and wanted to start a family as soon as the wedding dress was in the wardrobe.

She thought Kenny felt the same way, but it didn't take her long to realise the dream was over."

Other friends have speculated that it's Kenny's controlling behaviour that has brought a premature end to their whirlwind romance.

Meanwhile, the official line from the couple's representative reads: "
Renee and Kenny value and respect each other and are saddened that their different objectives prevent the success of this marriage."

V. V. sad, as Bridge might say.

Source: Press Release