Date: 21st September 2005

Madonna makes an impression

Madonna sported a 'designer' black sling at the premiere of husband Guy Ritchie's new movie Revolver.

The couple arrived together in matching black outfits to London's Leicester Square.

Madge, who broke her arm falling from a horse, was sporting an understated black sling on her left arm.

Asked how she's recovering from her recent fall, she said: "I've got just one more week left in the sling."

Madonna said she misses Guy being away during filming because their sex life suffers.

She explained: "I get a lot more love when he's not making a movie."

The film reunites many of some of Guy's old pals from previous gangster hits Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

Jason Statham plays the lead role of a con man. The ex-boyfriend of Kelly Brook arrived alone and confirmed he is still single.

Jason said: "I'm blown away tonight because it's actually my first ever London premiere. I missed Snatch. And Lock Stock was too small at the time.

It's great to be back with Guy. I'll always want to work with him."

Source: Press Release